Inventory Addition: Elation Platinum HFX


We are really excited about this purchase! We just picked up 8 Elation Platinum HFX moving lights. These lights pack a punch with their Platinum 14R lamp, they can rival the output of a standard 700 watt fixture, but using less than half the power. The HFX works great for a downstage wash or for upstage aerial effects. Check out the promo video below!

“The Platinum HFX™ is a hybrid versatile 3-in-1 luminaire which can be utilized as a beam, spot, or wash fixture, featuring the brand new Philips™ MSD Platinum 14R 280W 80CRI lamp, 7,800K, 12,000 total lumens, 2.3° to 15° zoom in beam mode, 3° to 22° zoom in spot mode, and 10° to 34° zoom in wash mode, 13 dichroic colors including UV and a new Quad Color (RGBY) filter, CTO and CTB color correction, 8 rotating-interchangeable and 12 static-stamped gobos, 8-facet and linear rotating, and 10-facet static prisms, wash frost effects, DMX, RDM (Remote Device Management), Art-NET, and sACN support, 5pin DMX, RJ45 Ethernet, and powerCON in/out connections, (6) button control full color 180° reversible menu display, and a multi-voltage universal auto switching power supply (100-240v). “ - Elation Professional